Brumal Sleep

Can anyone tell me what kind of season this is? Supposedly, winter, going to spring, which equals an absolute nightmare weather. I can't even figure out what to wear. To all intents I am going to get wet, get muddy, freeze and sweat all at the same time. Lovely.

All that does nothing to reflect my inner fellings of fresh and colorful spring. No sheer clothing, no colorful shoes, no nothing. I am at an absolute confusion about what's going on outside and how should I cope with it. Maybe I should have gone to brumal sleep. Wake me up when Sept..., no wait, March ends.

Well, at least I managed to do everything I had to do today. And a bit more, which is satisfying. To cheer myself up, I bought a bunch of yellow tulips, you know, the ones that have more than one bloom on one peduncle. If there's no spring outside, then it is in my room.

Quote of the day: "In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.'' /Mark Twain/

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