Sunday Report

* I woke up, feeling rather confused about what I have to do and what everybody wants from me

* I shuffled to the kitchen and had my daily mug of cocoa

* I put on a pair of black pants and, surprise!, a yellow sweater

* I panicked for almost losing one of my contact lenses

* I was glad to discover that my hair had turned curly after all the twists I had made in it

* I went to the market and bought tons of flowers

* I went to the cemetary, after which I felt a little depressed and tearful

* I didn't feel like talking

* I went home and ate my salmon

* I opened my laptop and tried to study but I failed

* I browsed internet instead

* I received a mail from someone I had not expected

* I spent a good deal of time pondering what the hell was that about

* I day-dreamed about catwalks and runways and stuff

* I ate a piece of apple cake and drank some tea

* I finally opened my Sushi Kit

* I made sushi

* I laid the table

* I made tea

* I waited for guests to arrive

* I had a lovely sushi night

* I watched some old episode of American Idol, laughing about Simon's first kiss

* I washed my hair, mourning over the curls

* I went to bed

* I listened to music

* I went to sleep

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