The Half-Blood Prince

Finally I got to see the movie of the year. After a torturous push-back and eight months of waiting I was able to enjoy this rather entertaining movie. By the time the lights were turned off I was so excited I was almost shaking.
It was rather torturous to see the awkward surplus scenes, like the attack on the Burrow or even worse – Dumbledore asking Harry about his friendship with Hermione or commenting on his growing beard. And Harry's relationship with Ginny was very painful to watch.
Alan Rickman of course, being my favorite was the most watchable in this movie (as it has always been). Being on the screen for a relatively short time he delivers a strong and memorable performance.
The shining star of the movie is arguably Rupert Grint. His performance was brilliant: from the bravado on the Quidditch field to the confusion of a Love Potion victim.
I was glad to hear that my favorite quote in the world ever "I do love knitting patterns" was not omitted from the movie. However, the most anticipated line "There's no need to call me sir, Professor" was missing. What a shame
The overall evaluation – a highly amusing and entertaining family movie with a weak reference to the book (I really don't see the point of the added scenes). But I usually try not to judge the HP movies as they are fabulous anyway. And the real magic of the whole HP craze is in the books. And they're bloody good. That is all that matters really. There is only one doubt. The books being over, we still have the last two movies to look forward to, but what will happen when, in two years' time, they are over and done too?
''How grand it must be to be the Chosen One.''

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