Le Conseguenze Dell'Amore

Consequences of Love (2004) by Paolo Sorrentino is my new favorite movie. I haven't seen it all, but it was enough to see some fragments to fall hopelessly in love. Now I am on the quest - to find it and watch it all. Sorrentini plays with points of view. These manipulations help to sculpture the story, making the picture magnetic and hypnotic. The dynamics and the pace changes in the movie, emphasizing the events. Well, you have to see it to understand. It's a marvellous and beautiful movie. Titta is played brilliantly by Toni Servillo. I also recommend The Family Friend (2006) and Il Divo (2008) by Paolo Sorrentini. All his movies have amazing locations of camera, changes of points of view and manipulations of gazes.

"The worst thing for a man who spends a lot of time alone is a lack of imagination."

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