of no importance

When someone leaves your life there is a little hole left in your heart, filled with blurry memories. It might be painful and it might be numb, but it is still there. And it seems surprising that they decided to cut off all the strings that had been attached carefully and just leave. Leave without any wish of returning. How can it be? After all what there was. How can it be that a person can change so drastically that they simply don't care anymore? And that person has changed. More than anyone else I've known. Looks, thoughts, behaviour. Everything has changed. Including my place in this person's life. It seems to be forgotten. How remarkable it is that one can become one's own opposite.


Squidlu said...

I don't know what exactly you are referring to here, but I know that feeling and it's a terrible one. I hope things start looking up for you!

Black said...

It's about a friend I used to have. But honestly ... I don't care anymore either.

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