J'aime l'océan

As a consolotary-gift for the hard time I've been having lately, I went to see the movie Océans by Jacques Perrin and Jaques Cluzaud. It is the one movie that everyone who admires and marvels nature must see. It made me both smile and cry. It is a deeply touching movie that shows nature and water in all its might and also helplessness. How many species have men extinguished? Just because they want something. Just because they can. Just because they feel superior. But, really, mankind is nothing compared to the vast diversity of life that can be found underwater. Oh, what wouldn't I give just to dive in the blue eternity and swim next to the enormous whales or sharks, like divers do in this movie. For once in my life to truly realize how small we are ...
Definitely visit the official move webpage, where you can see the movie trailer and videos and photos of amazing sea creatures. -> oceans-lefilm
photos from oceans and imdb

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