Today was one of the best cooking experiences for me. Not only did I prepare my beloved chicken with zucchini and tried out rice noodles, which was quite fun, but I also pulled myself together and cooked the vitelotte potaoes that we've had lying around here for ages, having been bought on a crazy discount. Vitelotte is also called NĂ©gresse or Truffe de Chine and is an ancient cultivar of blue-violet potato, as wikipedia puts it. They have a dark skin and when peeled are dark violet, unless you cut too deep, where they turn out to be white. The vitelotte require the same preperation techinques as any other potatoes, but they are not too good-looking when simply boiled, so I decided to make a potato mash and it turned out heavenly! The rich purple contrasted nicely with the green spring onions I put in it. It tastes pretty much like the mash made of your regular potatoes (with a little chestnutty taste) but it looks so much more interesting.

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Love the photograph of the purple potatoes. Bravo.

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