project: lace mean

Well, this took me forever. From the moment I stole the idea in Zara (gasp!), to the finding of the right shirt, to the right time, to yesterday when I finally managed to do it. I'm so busy lately, that I've almost forgotten how to live normally without stress and haste. I have another major exam on Friday, but I felt so limp yesterday that I decided not to study, but to finally finish what I've started in my head months ago. I know I will regret skipping so many hours of precious studying time.
But, oh well ...
This looks very simple, right, but the tricky part was the stretch fabric. It was a nightmare to get the lace on it straight. I couldn't understand whether the shirt was awry or it was me. Finally, when I got it right, I needed to stretch it on something to sew it straight. I used the ironing-board. And, eureka! ready it was! My new love.

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