let it be

I'm tired of the world and the way it is. Everything is outworn and savourless. Everything is everywhere. Nothing seems special anymore. And life is a bit dull. Instead, I wish it could always be saturated. I want to live slow and enjoy it, make the possibly best out of it.

If it's FOOD, then let it be Pangasius,
let it be golden roasted potatoes with rosemary, let it be baked apples with honey and caramelized nuts and sunflower seeds, let it be pomegranates, let it be Turkish Delight.

If it's MUSIC, then
let it be Vivaldi, let it be Erik Satie, let it be a symphony rather than the regular pop hit of a nonsensical teenage superstar.

If it's CLOTHES, then
let it be radzimir skirt, let it be silk blouses, let it be wool pants, let it be fitted jackets, let it be patterns of equestrian and jungle, let it be statement brooches.

If it's COLORS, then
let it be charcoal grey, let it be midnight blue, let it be brick red, let it be moss green, let it be camel beige.

If it's FUN, then
let it be dress-up, let it be dancing in the rain, let it be cotton candy, let it be riding a bike at night, let it be roadtrips to the middle of nowhere.

If it's RAIN, then
let it be thunderstorm rather than drizzle.

If it's SNOW, then
let it be the big fluffly snowflakes, let it be blizzard rather than sleet.

If it's FLOWERS, then
let it be hydrangeas, let it be a rich set of peonies rather than the irksome metre-long blood red roses.

If it's a DATE, then
let it be breaking in an observatory to stargaze, let it be a midnight picnic rather than the typical movie-and-popcorn.

If it's WORDS, then
let it be "magnificent", let it be "lustrous", let it be "egregious" rather than "awesome" or "cool".

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cip said...

I really appreciate this opinion, comment. I can so realte with this.
Lovely written. But the ideas.. doleful.

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