Harry Potter and the Free House-elf

I cannot believe I still haven't posted absolutely anything on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I saw it two weeks ago, on the very first day of showing. Some theaters were actually cheating and showing the movie the day before the official premiere, which I think was an insult to everybody who's been loyally waiting for the movie to come out. But this is not the story about that.

I, of course, was extremely jealous when I read all the amazing stories on about the midnight screenings and people dressing up and role-playing and singing while waiting for the movie to start. I had nothing of that. But I did have the time of my life though. I was nearly jumping up and down in my seat and clapping my hands and giggling like a Hufflepuff first-year when the lights went down and the movie actually started!

Of course, Harry Potter is not the movie likely to ever come under my brutal magnifying glass of criticism. I simply enjoyed it. It's Harry Potter. All the criticism fails here. Because it is all really about the story. And that ... that is brilliant.

Basically the fan girl inside me could not be silenced. I was ready to jump up and cheer whenever a new character appeared on the screen. The biggest squeals from me went for Snape and Dobby, of course. And a tear for Dobby as well. Dobby the house-elf is trending right now. Last week twitter
was overflowing with tweets about the brave little creature. The terrific artist Danny Roberts from Igor + André also paid a tribute to Dobby with this lovely piece of art.

Long live MAGIC!


cip said...

I absolutely love this post.
Thanks, pal!

House of Milk said...

I finally got to see this on Saturday. So good! I've heard people say it was just "okay." I don't understand that at all, because I loveloveloved it!

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