Blurry Summer Dreams

Waking up today, I discovered that my headache was back full force. Another one of those bright pink pills for me! I'm feeling dazed all day. I had to miss out the book exhibition because of that. Damn, and I so hoped to purchase some nice big, shiny book full of colorful pictures. A book about China or Astronomy would have done nicely. Oh well, there's always the next year.

Instead, I spent a day at home, reading, trying to study and thinking about how fast the time goes by. It seems like just yesterday I graduated from high school, just yesterday started university, just yesterday ripped open the Christmas presents. And look – March is already here. One blink of an eye and real spring will arrive, followed by a dazzling summer of swimming and travelling and partying. Well, at least for some people.

I'll most likely spend time indoors, trying to hide from the infectious rays of Sun and trying to educate myself with something that interests me more than the governmental system of Saudi Arabia. Or even more likely, I'll escape to the countryside where I can educate myself under an apple-tree rather than on a synthetic fibre carpet.

Though I believe I will be distracted from any kind of education by the wondrous forest lake. Which is not a bad thing either. I think I could soak in the water all day if only I'd be allowed. Swimming is something I just can't get enough of. I'm not speaking of those chlorine-water-filled holes in certain establishments, of course. Those make my eyes become sore and my skin shrink. Not a big pleasure at all.

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