Industrial Monsters

At the beginning of this week I emigrated to a place without a computer or the Internet. There was a TV though, unfortunately. Everything would have been fine if not for the TV, which drew me in its clutching arms way too often. The walls of the place that I inhabited were so thin that it was almost ridiculous. My much needed peace and quiet was often disturbed by the civilization (which hardly deserves the word) of shouty people and hideously shrieking-barking tiny bat-like doggies.

All in all I am not complaining and I almost wish I could have stayed there longer, but I do need people around me, so I am now back in my usual environment. It was a lovely lonely week that I needed. I did a lot of walking and taking photographs. And I re-discovered how beautiful cities can be. The industrial sceneries have always been a pleasure for me, no denying that, but during this week, I kind of fell in love with them all over again. Oh well, I am a city girl after all.

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