Bells on God's Cap

I'm so tired of life. So tired of shouting, arguments ... words. Most of all I'm tired of people who make all this useless noise. We run about, stressing about our problems that overwhelm us. ''Me'' is the most important word and condition. But what use are we really in the big system called Universe? I'm surprised at people who dare to think that we are the only civilization is this wonderful and complex thing. We worry about Global Warming, we try to stop it, we try to avoid the end of our World. We now realize what we have done and are trying to stop it. How about letting everything follow its course? Maybe this is how it was supposed to happen. Mankind, with all its scientifical progress and development would destroy itself by thinking that this world is ours, that we can do anything we think of here. We can cut trees, dig holes into the surface of the earth and what not. The more we learn, build and create, the more damage we do to this world. But has anyone stopped to think what would change if our planet Earth really stopped spinning, stopped existing? Nothing at all would change in the Universe, because we are a tiny dot on the neverending map. Less than a dot. Yet we seem so big and important to ourselves.

"All of you, people,
are just bells
on god's cap."
/Vladimir Mayakovsky
Vladimir Mayakovski: A Tragedy
1913 /

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