Cotton Candy Cravings

I did a little spring cleaning today and it made me think about all the nice things I'd like to have for my home. I'd love to choose pretty upholstery, bedclothes, towels, dishes and even tiles and carpets. But the crisis keeps me from going and splurging on furnishing my home. So, I did what I could. I changed my upholstery and now it is a white lace-like thing, which lets the sun in nicely. My palms got a new home in matched yellow flowerpots. And my bed is about to have a new bedspread too.

The spring has got me obsessed with light pastel colors. Marshmallow white, cotton candy pink, peppermint green and of course lilac. I have brought out all things pastel and cute and put them to good use. I wonder, will this get me to wear color too? Yes, I do think about silk peppermint color shorts and pink silk radzimir top with a bow and/or puffed sleeves. But can I grit my teeth and actually wear it? I'm not the color-wearing type. I stick to black and grey, with a splash of deep purple or Slytherin green occasionally, but whenever I wear color I don't feel too comfortable. I guess I'll have to wait and see, but for now I'll just stick to my usual outfit of black skinny jeans and black wool jacket (it's not that warm yet, you know).

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