Easter Adventures

For Easter I travelled across half the country to get as far from the civilization as I could. Two wonderful days I spent by the sea, by the foreland or rather what's left of it. I've been visiting that place two times a year for all my life and I've seen the destruction that has taken place. I personally think that the map of the country, the coastline should have been changed eight years ago. No one seems to bother but the spike just isn't there anymore. The sea is gnawing in slowly but persistently, uprooting the pinetrees and laying them across the narrow beach. The Global Warming is doing its job.

I chose one of the tree-secluded spots on the beach, plucked up all the courage I got and opened the swimming season. It must have been quite a sight for tourists, who were standing on the dene, craning their necks and shaking their heads in disbelief, to see me, dashing and flunging myself in the cold water naked. Not to mention my shriek of shock/joy/excitement. Thankfully the sun was warming generously, so I did not freeze.

Weather, during those two days, was the most wonderful thing. The sky was a stunning blue eternity over my head, slashed with the whites of airplanes (I must say, I have never seen so many in one day before) who were all going across the sea. The sun was warm and pleasing and the feeling, standing on a wide, completely deserted beach was indescribable. This was, of course, on the other side of the foreland, where the "big" sea is.

All in all I had the most enjoyable two days. Lots of visual and sonic canvas. I can't even desribe everything. You have to hear three swans flying past you, their wings whizzing. You have to see them landing in the sea to join the forth one. You have to hear an enormous amount of frogs in the ponds, which sound as a dim, gentle tractor. You have to feel the soft, sun-kissed fur of a hyper-active and love-seeking cat in a graveyard. You have to feel the breeze of freedom and wind in your face and hair. Nobody is ever going to give it to you. You have to enjoy it all by yourself.


lucissa said...

That sounds like a lot of fun :D

Black said...

Hm, do you mean the part of tourists lurking at me? ;)
Thanks for reading my blog!

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