Shoes from the Dream of a Dream

I remember when I was little I had natural white shoes with a hard black sole, slightly pointed toes and stiff laces that always came loose. I used to dislike them quite a lot. I thought they were not modern and lady-like enough. They were a little tatty and outworn and I always felt clumsy in them. And the sound they were making when walking only drew more attention to them.

Oh, what did I know about fashion back then anyway? Nothing much. But my mom apparently did, because when I look back at the photographs I have to say: "Oh, what a cool kid I used to be." And those shoes! They're in almost every picture that documentation the eighth year of my life. Because, you see, those were the times when having one pair of shoes was more than enough. One was lucky if she had any at all.

I think my favorite picture where The Shoes can be seen, is one of me sitting on a chair, legs too short to reach the floor yet, holding a glass of juice that looks enormous in comparison to my skinny fingers. The Shoes are smartly matched with black tights, black skirt and a black blouse with white polka dots. A great accent for a simple outfit. Merlin knows where those shoes are now. Of course it would not be much use of me having them now as they would be too small for me, but I would cherish them if I did.

Now I am obssessed with the idea of getting something at least remotely like those shoes. I've been searching but they are not really a common thing at shops. What are they called anyway? It is almost like a women's version of men's shoes, but not really. Are they the so-called jazz shoes? I'm not so sure about that.

I have found some that might fit my ambitions, but they are a far cry from what I used to have.


lucissa said...

I've never had a pair of those. At first I thought you were describing sadle shoes.

Black said...

Hm, saddle shoes? I just googled them and they look like what I'd call Gangster Shoes :) Those are definitely not it.

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