My sister had her birthday last week, so on Saturday we had a little family get-together. My parents and I had been working on her desired presents for two weeks, my dad making a box for her extensive range of sewing things, my mom crocheting white flowers for the necklace and me putting it all together and decorating.

Saturday also turned out to be the great food day. From codfish in the day to sushi and the Kurland's characteristic carrot pies, that melt in your mouth, in the evening. I managed to put on 2 kg.

My sister had something for me as well. Ever since she finished her sewing course, her wardrobe has been growing in the geometric progression. But now my long-awaited fur vest is finally finished! It looks just the way I expected it to and has an amazing light pink lining. I also got my new leopard print scarf. Isn't it great to have such talented siblings?

Did you turn off your lights and electronic devices on the Earth Hour (Saturday March 27th 8:30 pm)? We did. The world looks so much different in the darkness and you wouldn't believe the amount of things you can discover. Like that my sequined top is even cooler in the darkness and in the light of a flashlight. Boy, was it fun to be emitting hundreds of pink and purple colored dots of sparkling light on every surface around me.

Sunday wasn't as busy as the rest of the week. I went to the market and had a look at some amazing vintage stuff, like this lamp right here. It's been a while since I last visited the food market and I didn't know they had a fashion of sticking fish in buckets like flowers. Such curious installations could be seen everywhere.

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