snow and sweets saturday

Today was a beautiful sunny and snowy day. Sun was generously pouring over the perfect blue sky and the shimmering snow. Trees were white and majestatic from head to toe. I had a little out-of-the-town and into-the-nature treatment. It would have been a throughoutly wonderful day if it had not started terribly with a heavy fall upon the ice. That means I spent the rest of the day wincing at my every step or movement and an attempt to sit down or stand up. I still do. I have enormous bruises forming on my hip and knee, and my entire right side feels stiff and painful.

After wading through a mid-thigh deep snow and marveling at the size of our cat, who has grown a fur so thick he slightly resembles a miniature bear, I wanted nothing else than to return home, have a nice warm cup of tea and go to bed. However, my plans changed as there was a little surprise awaiting me. - Bags and bags of different sweets, including my ultimate favorite - Turkish Delight. Boy, was I delighted by the soft kind of pistachio! It really justifies it's name, being perfectly delightsome.

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